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Oral Presentations


CE Credits: 2.0 (click for more info)

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Sleep Medicine
Measuring the Static and Dynamic Oropharyngeal Airway

CE Credits: 1.5 (click for more info)

Course Description:
This lecture reviews the issue of when, how and why should we (or should we not) measure the Oropharyngeal Airway in a clinical setting.

The various points of discussion in this lecture include:
(1) Where is the site of airway obstruction?
(2) What is the role of the tongue in airway collapse?
(3) How is the collapsibility of the airway best assessed?
(4) Is induced airway collapse logical and valid?
(5) Finally, why are Group mean differences are very different from significant individual subject differences?

Objectives of course:
In this lecture students will learn about:
1. Science behind theories of airway collapse;
2. Changes in the airway with time, aging and obesity;
3. Differences between group and individual airway analysis?

At the end of this course the participant . . .

Three Questions and Answer sets for each hour:
Q1: Stage 1 and 2 are the sleep states that most influences tongue replase? T/F
Q2: If a group difference is significant, this information is applicable to an individual? T/F
Q3: The imaging of supine airway identifies the site of OSA collapse? T/F
Q4: The Endoscopy with the Muller Maneuver identifies the site of OSA collapse? T/F

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AAOMR Annual Business Meeting
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Poster Presentations

CE Credits: 2.0 (click for more info)

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Incidental Findings
CBCT Incidental Findings and its Direct Implications to the Practice of General Dentistry

CE Credits: 1.0 (click for more info)

Course Description:

Since the introduction of CBCT to the U.S. around 2000, there has been an abundance of emerging literature, including multiple systematic reviews, covering incidental findings in the novel imaging modality. This course will review previous literature on CBCT Incidental Findings and discuss its direct implications to dentistry, including a cost analysis of evaluation of a volume by trained radiologists vs. untrained general dentists.

Objectives of course:

  1. Discuss the existing literature on incidental findings in CBCT.
  2. Identify the discrepancy of the ability to identify incidental findings between trained Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologists and untrained general dentists.
  3. Provide a dollar estimate for the benefit of referring to Oral Radiologists.

4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

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Awards Banquet
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